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Swimming pool remodel and repair

Swim Outback is more than just a swimming pool installer installing new pools. We also help you makeover your existing pool into a pool that is more entertaining or relaxing or both. We also provide swimming pool repair.

Upgrade or repairing your pool pump, filter, and/or plumbing

Is your pool pump or pool filter not working the way it used to? Or is it not working the way you want it to? Let us take a look at it. We’ll diagnose the problem. Identify what repairs might be needed, and then work with you to figure out how you’d like us to proceed.

Upgrading or repairing your pool deck, pool lining, and/or pool coping

Perhaps you need to repair your pool lining or pool deck, or you’d like to remodel aspects of both to improve the beauty and comfort of your pool. Either way, call us to describe your vision for how you’d like the new pool deck to look, or what sort of lining materials you’d like to see put in to replace the old one. We offer deck resurfacing, liner replacement, pool coping replacement and pool interior replacement services. If you’re not sure what you need, we can help with recommendations regarding what sorts of materials look and feel the best to accomplish your particular aesthetic, reliability, and entertainment goals.

Repairing or adding water features

Have you had enough of your current pool’s entertainment options? Is the pool feeling a little dull or perhaps just not very lively? Swim Outback can add water features to your pre-existing pool to make your pool a fresh and brand new experience. Adding a water feature to your pool is an easy way to add fun and beauty to a pool that has lost some of its excitement. Some of the pool feature additions we can make are such things as: waterfalls, a spa, bubblers, scuppers and other similar features. Or perhaps you’d like to add a water slide or even a diving board to kick up the entertainment value of your pool. Swim Outback can do this as well.

Some advanced entertainment options

Do you, someone in your household or friends enjoy tanning or entertaining guests in the pool? Swim Outback would be happy to help you install a tanning ledge or something like a swim-up bar where your guests can gather and socialize while they enjoy the water.

A Remodel: What do you envision

At the end of the day, the question is what features would make your backyard an experience you can really enjoy. No matter what your pool looks like now you have many good options.

The conclusion

Swim Outback is a top provider of pool repair and remodeling services in the Ocala, Florida region. We have experience and expertise to help ensure that your pool repair and remodeling is a success. Please give us a call at: (352) 553-9554 and tell us how you’d like to repair or improve your swimming pool. It’s not worth putting up with a pool that is malfunctioning or that you’re not enjoying. We look forward to helping you to turn your pool into one you can truly enjoy.